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Video for kids from Swipe Kate

Swipe Kate. Hi! We are shooting the life of our family and the girl Katya, with whom my father and mother play. We love to shoot our children’s vlogs, Katya’s adventures. We like to shoot our videos, at this time we are together with the family spend time interesting. We share the highlights of our lives. We want to invite You to be with us.

Write us letters, leave your comments if you have interesting ideas. In our videos we will shoot entertainment for children, educational videos for children, we will play with new and interesting toys, come up with new and interesting stories for our entertainment. We will try to travel more. Travel is the most important entertainment for our family! We will try to travel a lot to different countries in search of entertainment for children and their parents, we will shoot interesting videos for children and their parents. Already on the channel you can watch Katia’s trip to Dubai, our entertainment in Legoland and other amusement parks.

Do you like to travel? You can send your photos and stories, we will post them on our website so that other people will be happy for You!

Let’s share a good mood and impressions with Katya!